Day: October 9, 2020

Pos printing paper is an important part of each business’s point of sale (POS) system. To make the order process payment run well and efficiently, a business might need a huge amount of thermochromic paper roll manufacturer for printing out the receipt and keep the transaction data.

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To determine which Pos paper roll manufacture is the best for your business is never easy. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself in advance before you approach the thermal paper manufacturer.

What do you want?

Your business requirements should be the priority consideration when you are selecting the supplier. You should consider each of the type of NCR paper manufacturers based on your needs for quality, speed, colour and graphics.

If you are running a restaurant, then probably you should buy the bond paper for printer. The quality printing paper for the electronic printer is the best for the kitchen printer, credit card printer or the point of sale receipt printer in any restaurants.

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If you are running a medical business, then you might need to use the ecg recording paper. An ECG is a test which helps people to measure the electrical activity of their heart, and when the test is running, the result of heart’s rhythm will be shown through the use of ecg recording paper.


The price range of each kind of paper is hugely different. However, it is important to make a decision based on your business needs rather than your budget. For example, if your business needs a high-quality colour printing, then you might need to find the best thermal paper rolls supplier who can fulfil your needs.

If you have fundamental needs, then finding a supplier who can offer you the most cost-effective solution makes sense. If possible, you can get directly to the manufacturer and get what you need from them instead of relying on the middle person; then probably you will get a better deal than the supplier. You can try to contact ultrasound printing global paper manufacturers and bargain with them to get the best deal you can.

Compatible with your system?

Before you get any paper, ensure that your pos receipt printer should compatible with that paper. If you are not sure, please double-check with the cash register manufacturers and comfirm it is compatible.

Another thing is if possible, try to stick to the same brand of suppliers as many manufacturers design their paper to work best with their own terminal, your printer should be able to connect to you POS terminal with minimal clutter easily.

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What paper size your business needs?

Once you know what type of paper your business needs, then you might need to check the size of paper as well. There is various way to find out which roll size is best for your business. You can try to check the user manual for your receipt printer. You can also try to measure the width of your receipt tray. If you prefer the professional advice, then you can try to ask the plotter paper manufacturers, seek the opinion from them.

The length measures some receipt rolls, but the diameter measures some. Be caution on this when you measure the receipt roll. If you are not sure which size to buy, then start with a general pack of pos paper.

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